Sunday, September 30, 2012

Picture of: BE Nuffnang. Maxis TalkMore 48.

Picture of: BE Nuffnang. Maxis TalkMore 48.

Dear readers,
thank you for reading.
My first BE / Cpuv from Nuffnang this year is about maxis talk 48.
BE nuffnang. Maxis.
The advertisements is put on leader box. However, it is available only at times. If u see one, please click.. (ahaa..) You will be directed to this page.
Maxis Talk More 48
Maxis offering cheap plan for the above three smartphones be it HTC one S, Samsung Galaxy Beam or Blackberry Bold. What is it about TALKMORE48 ?.. The figure is that the amount monthly payment and you get 400mins and 200 sms to all operators. Go grab it now!

Thank you Nuffnang and Maxis for this first BE.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pictures of : KOH SAMUI.

Pictures of : KOH SAMUI.

this picture is from :

     Browsing in the net about KOH SAMUI. An interesting place for a vacation. i hope i can be there one fine day. From my reading through the net: multipe sites of course, KOH SAMUI is an island in The Thai. A very beautiful island.

It is a place that tourists visit from all over the world. There so many reviews in the internet about KOH SAMUI. i always noticed there are offers from Air Asia, direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to KOH SAMUI. And, they give very reasonable price for the package. The only thing that the cheap packages are offered outside peak season of course.

i want to enjoy the pictures from the website . Do join me readers. Thank you for reading and if you wanna know more about KOH SAMUI, just google it!!

koh samui.
picture from:

koh samui
picture from: samui network realty

koh samui
picture from: blog malaysia

Picture of : First BE / CPUV Nuffnang

Picture of : First BE / CPUV Nuffnang

Dear readers, today i would like to reaveal my NUFFNANG earnings. Actually this entry is for my personal record and for reference in future as i can compare the increment of amount i get from blogging.

Please do not laugh at me because i am not that famous blogger that earning thousands from blogging. My humble blog is mainly for me and sometimes i can share something to all of you. 

This is my first BE or CPUV for this specific blog MY PHOTO STORY. It is about Maxis Talk More 48. Thank you Nuffnang for giving my first BE / CPUV this year. PLease note that the earning is not that much but i am happy.. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Picture of: MY NUFFNANG earning increasing.

Picture of: MY NUFFNANG earning increasing.

nuffnang earning.
Dear readers,
Thank you for reading my blog in the first place. And thank you for coming eventho not commenting. I just want to share my excitement about MY NUFFNANG EARNING. Please refer to above screen capture which i posted in the earlier entry. That was a few weeks ago. My earning at that time was RM 0.30 only. No kidding.

Then, i log in again my NUFFNANG  account today, and i can see the increment! Yes.. i am very happy. Maybe it is no big deal for you, but for me is YES. Therefore i can tell my friend that blogging is FUN and i can earn from that.
 The current amount is RM 3.84.

I must wait until RM51.00 then i can cash it out. (how long do you think that?)
Here is the proof:

Picture of Soleh : Please PRAY for him.

Dear readers,
i do not know Akak Nora in person but thru blogging .. YES. And i do follow all her stories of her beloved Soleh. She asked us to PRAY for her son.

Akak Nora is one strong lady. and Soleh too.. Masha Allah..

Namun, akak nora mohon belas kasihan dari semua rakan-rakan yang sentiasa mengikuti kisah Soleh dari dekat atau jauh, doa anda tidak memerlukan wang tapi keihklasan dan ketulusan ingatan buatnya.

Doakan HILANG lah terus benda tu dengan izin Allah atau...berkesan positif nak hilang. Moga ada berita baik buat soleh kan...

6 /10..bulan depan..genap umur soleh 2 tahun dan setahun dia berjuang.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Picture of followers.

Picture of followers.

The above picture shows current followers of this blog. Thank you to all of you, YES YOU for being here following this blog. So far, it stated that this blog is followed by 717 people. The loyals, the silent readers are many. Thank you again for your support.

Followers are important to the blog as they are evidence of their visit here at least once. The only aim is that to get the loyal ones. Am believing that many of you here.And what about your blog? How many of followers u have. And how you increase them?

Will see in few days and will this current figure gonna be static?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What is Nuffnang X?

What is Nuffnang X?

Yes.. what it is all about?
it looks like something big is going to happen about Nuffnang.
Some of the selected bloggers are on their mission.
What mission is that? Something very confidential i guess.
the secret mission will on be revealed on the 18th. All the selected bloggers are to keep this as secret until that day. So, will just wait and see what it is all about Nuffnang X.. or.. any of you can share or give us some clues here..

about nuffnang X.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yeay!!!: Qualified in EYRIQAZZ vs DENAIHATI winner


Yes, am happy to be listed in the contest. What contest was it? 
Actually it was about SEO contest involving the most famous experienced blogger: EYRIQAZZ vs DENAIHATI. And, am know nothing about this SEO thingy, but am sure it stands for Search Engine Optinization. If u want to know more about the winner, just GOOGLE it. Then he/she is the winner.. And.. another thing.. Am NOT THE WINNER.. Am just an ordinary participant..

In the list: find my entry at no 107:

Am sharing these links. Hope will benefit us:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WHATCHUWANT? XPAX. RM 10, 000 prizes!!

Wow.. what else you want?
Just pick your pack and you may walk away with gadgets worth RM 10, 000. Yes, the gadgets including some sort of TV, Samsung SIII (wow wow wooowww).. and many more.

NUFFNANG has so much infos about that,

Wait no more and go grab your WHATCHUWANT XPAX now.. now and now.

~Personally am a user of this telco once. It was many years back. And, believe me, my friends told me zillion benefits about this.. Therefore, am gonna grab it too soon!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

My NUFFNANG earnings.

Nuffnang Earnings.
how about yours?
btw am proud because i have income by blogging.. any other tips to increase the Nuffnang earning? Mind to share on the comment box.  Thank you fellow friends.