Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pictures of : KOH SAMUI.

Pictures of : KOH SAMUI.

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     Browsing in the net about KOH SAMUI. An interesting place for a vacation. i hope i can be there one fine day. From my reading through the net: multipe sites of course, KOH SAMUI is an island in The Thai. A very beautiful island.

It is a place that tourists visit from all over the world. There so many reviews in the internet about KOH SAMUI. i always noticed there are offers from Air Asia, direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to KOH SAMUI. And, they give very reasonable price for the package. The only thing that the cheap packages are offered outside peak season of course.

i want to enjoy the pictures from the website . Do join me readers. Thank you for reading and if you wanna know more about KOH SAMUI, just google it!!

koh samui.
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koh samui
picture from: samui network realty

koh samui
picture from: blog malaysia


wantie said...

memang best tempat ni. kawan I selalu pergi. tak rugi kalau pergi

Nurul Husna Mohd Hassan said...

cantiknya. tah bila la dapat pergi :)