Thursday, October 11, 2012



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BE nuffnang. Maxis.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Picture of BE Nuffnang: 4th.

Dear beloved readers.
i am here again creating entry for my 4th BE from Nuffnang. Thanks a lot Nuffnang. Even it is a little only...

picture of BE Nuffnang.
My current BE Nuffnang is from Sunsilk Sleek. i am using Sunsilk product recently and i think it is very nice. i love the smell of their product. Not too strong . So far this is the last BE Nuffnang that i received. Hoping for more occay from Nuffnang.

How about u?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Picture of BE Nuffnang. 3rd.

Dear readers, thank you for stopping by.
Thank you for reading my entry. i would like to share here of my 3rd BE Nuffnang.  My previous one was from Kotex.

And for this time around, Nuffnang gave the oppurtunity for the following BE.
BE Nuffnang.

I am not sure whether it is still available or not. If you found one do click here occay.
See, i got only less than ten cent for each BE Nuffnang. Hey it has new name.. CPUV Nuffnang.

Just cant wait to see the increment...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Picture of BE Nuffnang 2nd.

Dear readers, thanks for reading,

i would like to share my second BE from Nuffnang here. Eventhough it is not much.. this is for my future record and memory.
Income by blogging.

How about yours. How much income you all get from blogging?
So far i got 4 Nuffnang BE running. However only at times and maybe by the time i made this entry, it is already credited to my Nuffnang account.

i might have to wait many more months until i will be able to cash out the Nufnang earnings.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Bloggers!! Wanna Win USD50,000?

Dear readers,
thank you for reading..
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nuffnang x contest
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nuffnang x contest
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Dear readers, thanks for being here. I would like to RENEW my BLOGLIST.

Steps follows..

1. Create an entry:

                          "JOM TUKAR BLOGLIST PICTURESBYNUR."

2. Put this picture and link to this entry.
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4. Comment with your link. Thank you.

Picturesbynur Giveaway OCTOBER.

Picturesbynur Giveaway OCTOBER.

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Thank you for reading.
Since i got My First BE from Nuffnang  that day and MY NUFFNANG EARNING is increasing, therefore i want to share my joy with all of you. A very simple GIVEAWAY i shall conduct here. You need not to follow this BLOG. Only that made an entry by copying below. Leave your entry link in comment box with your email.

BE nuffnang. Maxis.
Entry tittle: 

Picturesbynur Giveaway OCTOBER.

PICTURESBYNUR is very delighted to get the First ever BE / CPUV from NUFFNANG. Therefore to double the joy, PICTURESBYNUR is having a SIMPLE GIVEAWAY OCTOBER. Copy this entry, put on your BLOG and link to the PICTURESBYNUR  Small token of appreciation will be given in form of handmade greeting card and keychain to LUCKY participant of PICTURESBYNUR . Spread it around and ENJOY OCTOBER.  


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fenomena Pelangi Cincin. / Halo.

Fenomena Pelangi Cincin / Halo.

Do you realize this 'fenomena matahari pelangi cincin'? Happened this afternoon. Or it is also called Phenomena Halo. 'Fenomena Pelangi Cincin" happened when you can see the rainbow circling the Sun.

Seen many people updating their status about this  'Fenomena Pelangi Cincin"  it is a very rare condition. And for those who could watch this magnificient view , you are just sooo lucky. As i only manage to see it thru friends updating of  'Fenomena Pelangi Cincin" pictures.

How it happens?
it is an optical phenomenon.
From wiki, once seen in 6th August 2007 in Malaysia.
Advised not to look directly to the sun.

fenomena cincin pelangi
Halo di Padang, Indonesia pada 2 Oktober 2009.
~the picture above is from Wikipedia.. the view earlier today was exactly like this, with the shades.. no camera to grab at that moment..

Monday, October 1, 2012