Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Picture of: MY NUFFNANG earning increasing.

Picture of: MY NUFFNANG earning increasing.

nuffnang earning.
Dear readers,
Thank you for reading my blog in the first place. And thank you for coming eventho not commenting. I just want to share my excitement about MY NUFFNANG EARNING. Please refer to above screen capture which i posted in the earlier entry. That was a few weeks ago. My earning at that time was RM 0.30 only. No kidding.

Then, i log in again my NUFFNANG  account today, and i can see the increment! Yes.. i am very happy. Maybe it is no big deal for you, but for me is YES. Therefore i can tell my friend that blogging is FUN and i can earn from that.
 The current amount is RM 3.84.

I must wait until RM51.00 then i can cash it out. (how long do you think that?)
Here is the proof:


Kesuma Angsana said...

it depends lah dear. But KA wish u gd luck yek Nur~

NUR said...


djchef said...

congrats!! don't worry.. pasti akan increase dan dapat cashout :-D

NUR said...

Congrats on ur winning too

luqman zakaria said...

kalau rajin sure meningkat cepat..hehe

NUR said...

Tq luqman zakaria,

Ikmal said...

Assalam, congrats... hope ur earning can increase someday... keep it up... (^_^)

ummiross said...

congrats, insyaAllah bertambahlah nanti.

-meeSUPERGIRL- said...

alhamdulillah .. ramai yg dpt bulan nih .. hehe . suke sgt !