Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Me and HDR.

Frequently encountered HDR images from baincardin.com. How amazing he did that. But, still could not fully understand about what HDR really means. Therefore, will patiently exploring it.
And what about HDR in compact camera. Does such function available?.. Anybody willing to help?

Auto HDR and DRO

Auto HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode shoots three frames at different exposure settings, merging three images to produce a single HDR image, packed with fascinating detail. Best of all, you don’t need a PC or special skills to get dramatic results

Any camera’s metering system can be confused by tricky subjects that include very light and dark areas.

The D-Range Optimiser in your Sony DSLR camera analyses each scene, adjusting exposure values for beautifully balanced images with rich, deep shadows and clear, natural highlight details.


Cikgu Zam said...

salam ziarah
Perbezaan yang menarik dalamm pergambaran, mcm ilmiah dalam teknologi pendidikan.

Asri Alam said...

selain sony dslr, skg ada jgk kamera digital yg mempunyai mode hdr